Saturday, 12 November 2016

Under the boards 12 November 2016

To day a small group of us joined Steve looking under the boards that have been down for the past year.
Some of the boards were new and Steve was interested in seeing if anything had moved in.
On the way round, birds and berries were noted. We did not look under every board, but the ones lifted , there  wildlife was recorded.
Last year the whole place got wiped out in the Christmas floods, so it was going to be interesting to see if the wildlife had come back.


Dogwood  Berries

We were hoping to spot a mouse, plenty of evidence they were using the board, storing food, or a place to eat, there were holes and "runs" through the soil. 

Most boards had Slugs, Land Snails , a few woodlice and best of all we got to see a Newt.
On returning home one of the smaller snail photos caught my eye, not realising on the day. 

Hairy Snail - Trochulus hispidus
I had photographed a Hairy Snail ! not seen one before, they are much smaller than the White-lipped snail and properly over looked.  The Millipede  turned out to be a new species for me too.

Garden Snail

bracket fungus

Blue Roundhead (Stropharia caerulea 

Smooth Newt

Common Flat-backed Millipede (polydesmus sp)

This was the last walk of the year :(
next walk will be to the pub :))))

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