Friday, 11 November 2016

Remembrance day 2016

"lest we forget"
Rang so true today as I joined Steve and a group of schoolboys working on the reserve this morning.
Not much younger than the (boys) men  would have been on that terrible day .
Many of you were having to work today, but will have been touch by Steve’s enthusiasm to remember his Grandad.

Steve started with a poem by  siegfried sassoon
“A Mystic as Soldier”

I LIVED my days apart,
Dreaming fair songs for God;
By the glory in my heart
Covered and crowned and shod.

Now God is in the strife,
And I must seek Him there,
Where death outnumbers life,
And fury smites the air.

I walk the secret way
With anger in my brain.
O music through my clay,
When will you sound again?

Then the whistle was blown to start the minutes silence.

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