Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Copse Snail - Arianta arbustorum


 The colour pattern of this species is highly variable; however, most individuals are light brown with straw-coloured spots and a large dark brown stripe. The heliciform shell will also vary in size (10-22 mm high and 14-28 mm wide with 5-6 whorls). The umbilicus is completely covered by the columellar edge of the aperture. The lip of the shell is bone white. Sinistral (mouth on left) and dextral (mouth on right) specimens exist. The body of the animal typically is black. (LINK)

This snail survives in damp meadows, marshy habitats as well as mountains and sandhills. Its longevity is approximately 14 years, attaining maturity at 2-4 years.

mottled pattern, rounded mouth, everted white lip and tiny chink of umbilicus

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